The Scientific and Executive Committee of the conference aims to promote the scientific level of the society, with the aim of publishing original research findings in the field of power system protection and automation. In addition, we are delighted that we will have Special Keynote Speakers who will be sharing their expertise, perspective and insights at protection and automation fields.

Keynote Speakers

- Prof. Hossein Askarian Abyaneh-Amirkabir University of Technology-Microgrid Protection-Email:

Abstract: The components of microgrid system is micro generator, local storage elements, loads, and smart transformers (solid state transformer). Challenges in microgrid protection are changes in the short-circuit level, false tripping, prohibition of automatic reclosing, blindness of protection, unsynchronized reclosing. In this way, key factors in microgrid protection  are microgrid type, microgrid topology, type of DG resources, communication type, time delay of communication links. , method of analyzing data and detecting faults, fault type, relay type, and method of grounding.  In this presentation,  different methods of protecting microgrids such as: changing protective devices or settings, disconnecting DG unit during faults, creating a balance among different DG technologies, microgrid protection using smart transformer, adaptive protection, and using fault current limiter will be addressed.

- Prof. Haidar Samer-Shiraz University-Some Hot Topics in Power System Protection-Email:

AbstractNowadays, because of three reasons protection of power systems is the hottest field in electric power engineering. First, due to the many benefits of distributed generations (DGs), penetration of these resources in the networks is increasing. Despite the many advantages, DG units have some challenges, among them increase in the short circuit level of the power systems is more controversial issue. The distribution system is not radial anymore which makes the protection system more complicated. Also, protection of DC and hybrid distribution systems is another new issue in this field. However, there is not a generalized protection scheme capable of solving the mentioned issues, yet. Second, installing some new devices such as DGs, fault current limiters (FCL), and FACTS changes voltage and current waveforms, which in turn results in mal-operation of the protection systems. Third, the significant development of digital signal processor technologies enables us to implement more accurate and comprehensive protection algorithms for different protection functions. Now, different processing tools like DSP and FPGA can be utilized for implementing various complicated protection algorithms such as artificial intelligence-based algorithms without any serious concerns about the computational burden. In this speech, some of these frontiers and the relevant opportunities and challenges will be addressed.

Scientific Meeting on the Challenges of Automation in the Electricity Industry

  1. Mr. Haeri - Deputy Minister of Electricity and Energy Affairs - Ministry of Energy
  2. Dr. Farrokhzad - Managing Director of Iran Grid Management Company
  3. Mr. S. Zaman Hosseini - Transmission Coordinator - Tavanir
  4. Dr. Askarian Abyaneh - Permanent Secretary of the Conference
  5. Dr. Rajabi Mashhadi - Deputy of Planning and Economic Affairs - Tavanir