Guide for writing and posting articles

Important Information

1. The language of oral presentation must be the same as that of full paper.

2. Full paper must be in the standard format of conference which is available in the conference website.

3. The publication of articles in the book of proceedings and the conference cd is subject to the presentation by at least one of the uthers of the paper


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Moral code of conduct

The authors of this conference's articles emphasize the necessity of observance of the moral obligation, including the following


  • Submit another article entirely or with minor changes to your name
  • Submission of material from another research document without referral
  • Changes in appearance, structure and key sentences and their integration in a manner that is considered to be the idea of this
  • Use of forms, tables, maps, laboratory data, results, instruction of devices or published databases without permission from the
  • organization that published the scientific research
  • Present or part of the printed article in another language


Non-violation of the rights of contributing colleagues to the creation of scientific effect


  • Failure to name a supervisor, consultant professor, student, or those who have contributed to the paper.
  • Provide essay titles that have been effective in preparing the article but without co-ordinating them
  • Do not mention people who have not had a scientific contribution to the paper


Do not misuse your previous scientific works


  • Submit the paper presented at a scientific conference to re-present at another congress
  • Simultaneously submit an article for two or more scientific conferences
  • Present a printed article (or even a part thereof) in another language for another journal or other congress
  • Writer's use of words (words), methods, tables, charts and published results in another article (except for comparison with new results)


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